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At 2can Design and Print we understand that sometimes a basic leaflet just doesn’t have enough space to get your message across to your audience.  We offer a range of folded leaflets that present an ideal solution.

We offer various configurations of folded leaflets to help suit your needs.  From half fold, roll fold to Z fold or gatefold leaflets.

Single-sided or double-sided? It’s your call.

Where would you use a folded leaflet from 2can Design and Print?
They’re so versatile, the answer is just about anywhere, but how about professional, promotional documents, newsworthy newsletters or mouth-watering menus. As you would expect, we use our HP Indigo digital printing process to ensure top quality and rich, distinctive colour to help set you apart.
Folded Leaflets Available from 2can Design and Print
A) Half Fold

The printed sheet is simply folded in half. This creates 4 pages, front-cover, back-cover, and two internal pages.

B) Roll Fold
The printed sheet is creased twice to give 6 pages. The right hand panel is normally trimmed 2mm smaller depending on paper weight to allow it to be folded neatly into the two larger pages.

An example of this is a normal utility bill, which is A4 folded to 1/3 A4.

C) Zig-Zig Fold or Accordion Fold
The printed sheet is creased two times (z) or more (accordion) giving parallel folds that open like an accordion.
D) Gate Fold
The printed sheet is creased twice to give 6 pages. The right and left pages are half the size of the centre page. They fold inward to meet the middle of the page.