2can PVC Banner Derrington Festival

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Our PVC Banners are printed to the highest quality as standard.  All 2can PVC Banners are printed to full colour specifications and include brass eyelets for inserting a rope, bungee, cable tie etc, or for fixing to surfaces with screws and large penny washers.

Printed on extra thick 550gsm

Featuring a nylon embedded mesh for extra strength

2can PVC banners are printed onto Extra thick 550gsm PVC featuring a nylon mesh embedded within the PVC giving the banner an incredibly strong structure, removing the need for hemming for most applications.  Although hemming produces and even stronger structure still and is highly recommended where our PVC Banners are in applications where high wind loads are expected, non hemmed PVC banners lay flatter to their mounting surface and produces a neater appearance.
2can PVC banners are fully durable in outdoor situations making them ideal for use in high traffic areas.  Coupled with their ability to simply roll up when not in use a 2can PVC banner is the ideal choice for use at events and trade shows.